SEO & content consultant, speaker & freelancer. Food enthusiast.

Hello. My name's Charlie, & I help websites earn more traffic. In my day job I'm a search marketing consultant at a local agency, helping run search engine optimisation and content campaigns for a variety of clients from global names to local startups.

I've been working online for the past eight years doing all kinds of content & search marketing roles. Before that I also worked as a record shop manager and a quite, quite unsuccessful radio DJ.

In the evenings & weekends you can usually find me cooking or eating. With a beer in hand whenever possible. I'm always up for chatting seach marketing, websites or food, so feel free to say hello on Twitter or LinkedIn.


I also take on private SEO projects in my spare time. Whether you're an established name or a new business looking to make your mark, I can help you make the most of of your online presence.

If if you'd like to have a chat about how we could work together, please send me details of what you're looking for to work (at) charliew dot uk.


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